HLG 225

HLG-225 New product

HLG 225 - LED horticultural lighting for growth and flowering Horticulture Lighting Group - 2 Expand

HLG 225 is an excellent LED light that consumes 225 W. It has a custom designed high efficiency full spectrum with boosted red and deep red LEDs.

HLG 225 is equivalent to a 315W CMH.


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Discover HLG 225, the perfect LED Grow light for vegging, clones, supplement light or a small plant. This lamp uses white LED with boosted Red and Deep Red LED.

This product is sold with EU plug.

Top Features

  • High efficiency White LED with 660nm Deep Red and 630nm Red
  • Full Spectrum for better results
  • Flowering Footprint: 61cm X 76cm or 91cm X 91cm
  • Veg Footprint : 122cm X 122cm
  • Dimensions: 32cm x 20cm x 9cm
  • Ideal for Veg and Bloom
  • Power: 225 Watts
  • Designed and made in USA
  • Sold with EU Plug


  • Reliable passive cooled design
  • Guaranteed 3 years
  • High rate of penetration in the canopy

Spectrum of HLG 225

Full spectrum White with Boosted Red for excellent results in both Veg and Bloom

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