New QB288 V2 BSPEC Horticulture Lighting Group - 1 Expand

  • High-end LED board.
  • Featuring Quantum Board Technology and Samsung LM301B Blue 470nm High Output LED Chips
  • Energy consumption reduced by 50% 
  • Average life of 50,000 hours
  • Durable and profitable for any indoor grower.

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What is the QB288 V2 BSPEC Quantum Board?

Bspec® QB 288 V2 are high quality LED boards for indoor growing, manufactured in the USA by Horticulture Lighting Group, an industry recognized company for designing high-end LED lighting solutions for plants . Each board features 272 highest flux, lowest voltage LM301H full spectrum LEDs and 16 blue 470nm LEDs to enhance the spectrum for unbeatable plant performance. 

What are the benefits of this product?

  • High power: with low power consumption.
  • Quantum Board design for even light distribution across the entire grow surface
  • Samsung LM301B high-efficiency LED chips and 470nm blue LED chips for a spectrum of light suitable for all phases of plant growth


  • 272pcs Diodes Samsung LM301B, 16pcs 470nm Blue
  • 240V Rated Connectors 
  • Dimension 17 x 27 cm
  • Max current per card 3000mA @ 54VDC
  • 1 year warranty


  • Samsung LM301B Top Bin 4000K diodes, 470nm sky blue
  • CCT 3775K
  • IRC (Ra) 88

Requires aluminum plate or heatsink if operating over 55 watts or over 1050 mA

It offers a spectrum of light comprising wavelengths ranging from 400 to 700 nm. This means plants get all the colors of light they need for optimal growth.

Advanced Features

Versatile use

It can be used for a wide variety of plants including vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. Growers can also use it for seed propagation or growing cuttings.

Samsung LM301B LED chips

The QB288 V2 Bspec is equipped with Samsung LM301B high-efficiency LED chips, which provide a luminous efficiency of 2.7 µmol/J. This means that each watt of power consumed by the board produces 2.7 µmol of photons.

660nm red LED chips

In addition to high-performance white LED chips, it is also equipped with 660nm red LED chips. These red LEDs are essential for flowering plants, as they stimulate the production of flowers and fruits.

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