HLG 700 RSpec FR Lamp - Reflector Series

HLG-700-RSPEC-FR-W-REFLECT New product

HLG 700 RSpec FR Lamp - Reflector Series Horticulture Lighting Group - 5 Expand

The HLG 700 RSpec indoor lighting fixture, part of the Reflector range, is a premium choice for growing plants indoors. It has a complete and optimized light spectrum for the flowering phases of your plants.

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The HLG 700 RSpec LED panel for successful indoor cultivation

High energy performance

The HLG 700 RSpec is an efficient choice for your indoor cultivation, with a consumption of only 633 watts. Thanks to its energy performance, it will allow you to achieve significant energy savings while obtaining exceptional cultivation results.

Quick and easy installation

Installing this LED panel is quick and easy thanks to the built-in mounting brackets. The suspension cables provided will allow you to easily fix the panel to the ceiling or to the bars of your box. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, you can enjoy your LED panel for a long time without having to worry about replacing it.


  • Power consumption: 633 watts
  • Tension : 240 VAC 50-60Hz
  • Light Spectrum: Full Spectrum Premium
  • Lamp life: 50,000 hours
  • PPF efficiency: 2.50μmol/joule
  • PPF : 1585
  • Dimensions : 95 cm x 68 cm x 10 cm
  • Certifications : UL 8800, CSA

An optimized light spectrum for the flowering of your plants

The HLG 700 RSpec LED panel is equipped with infrared LEDs which significantly improve plant flowering. With its deep red and infrared LEDs, this light is ideal for promoting root growth and photosynthesis during the flowering phase.

The deep red LEDs have an optimal wavelength to stimulate flower production, while the infrared LEDs encourage root growth. By combining these two types of LEDs, the HLG 700 RSpec LED Panel creates a perfectly matched light spectrum to enhance the growth and flowering of your plants, which can result in a bigger and better harvest.


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