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HLG 250 VEG PRO Horticulture Lighting Group - 1 Expand

  • High quality LED light for vegetative growing plants.
  • It uses state-of-the-art LEDs to provide a full spectrum of light
  • Energy efficient
  • Offering a passive cooling system.
  • Easy to use and install
  • Efficient and affordable lighting solution.

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The HLG 250 VEG PRO is a high quality LED light designed for plants in the vegetative growth phase. It is an efficient and affordable lighting solution that offers high power for indoor grows. With its rectangular design, it allows a better distribution of light. It is ideal for vertically supported vegetation as it helps maximize the height available for plant growth.

Characteristics of the HLG 250 VEG PRO

The HLG 250 VEG PRO is equipped with many great features that make it an ideal choice for growers. Here are some of its main features:

State-of-the-art LED technology

The HLG 250 VEG PRO uses high quality light emitting diodes (LEDs) to provide efficient white light. LEDs are more energy efficient than other types of lighting, and they have a longer life, which reduces maintenance costs.

Full light spectrum

The HLG 250 VEG PRO provides a full light spectrum, which is perfectly suited for the vegetative growth phase of plants. It allows optimal growth and an abundant harvest.


Passive cooling

The HLG 250 VEG PRO is equipped with a passive cooling system. This system is efficient and quiet, and does not require noisy fans to operate.

Advantages of the HLG 250 VEG PRO

The HLG 250 VEG PRO offers many advantages to growers, here are the most important:

Faster plant growth

The HLG 250 VEG PRO provides high quality light that stimulates the growth of plants in the vegetative growth phase. It speeds up the growth process and promotes the development of leaves and stems.

Reduced maintenance costs

The HLG 250 VEG PRO uses high quality LEDs which have a longer lifespan than other types of lighting. This reduces long-term maintenance costs, and saves growers money.

Energy savings

The HLG 250 VEG PRO is very energy efficient. It also uses a passive cooling system, which does not consume additional energy.

Ease of use

The HLG 250 VEG PRO is easy to use and install. It comes with everything growers need to set it up quickly and easily. Moreover, it does not require any special equipment to operate.

Top quality design

The HLG 250 VEG PRO is made from top quality materials, making it a durable choice for growers. 


Overall, the HLG 250 VEG PRO is an excellent lighting solution for growers looking to stimulate the growth of their plants in the vegetative growth phase. With state-of-the-art features such as high quality LEDs, full light spectrum, low power consumption and passive cooling system, the HLG 250 VEG PRO is an ideal choice for growers looking for a affordable and efficient lighting solution.

Main features

  • 88.9 cm wide design for even light coverage
  • Powered by high efficiency Quantum Boards for 2.7 PPF/W
  • 600 PPF high output
  • 660nm full spectrum white, red and blue LEDs
  • Reliable passively cooled design
  • Better canopy light penetration with diffused light
  • Dimming design from 40 to 240 watts
  • Inventronics auto-sensing power supply operates on 240VAC


Technical characteristics 

Power40-240 watts
Voltage range240 VCA 50-60Hz
DIRECTEDFull spectrum white, deep red and blue
System PPF efficiency2,7 μmol/joule
Total output600 PPF
Dimensions85 x 25 x 6
CertificatesUL 8800, UL 1598, CSA, DLC