HLG Propagator 2.0

HLG-PROPAGATOR-2-0 New product

New HLG Propagator 2.0 Expand

  • Large Coverage: 122 cm length for extensive light distribution.
  • Easy Daisy-Chaining: Connect up to 20 units for scalable setups.
  • Low-Profile Design: Seamless integration into any grow system.
  • Simple Installation: Includes hanging clips for quick setup.
  • Optimized for Early Growth: Ideal for seedlings and clones.

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The HLG Propagator 2.0 lamp is specifically engineered for the initial stages of plant growth, including seedlings and clones. Ideal for applications requiring low light intensity, its 122 cm length offers extensive coverage, making this lighting perfect for rack systems and vertical farming. With a low-profile design, the lamp seamlessly integrates into any indoor cultivation space.

Key Features

  • Easy Daisy-Chaining: Capable of connecting up to 20 units end-to-end, with customizable spacing up to 45 cm between each lamp, the HLG Propagator 2.0 offers exceptional flexibility and scalability for your growth operation.
  • Economical Design: Low profile suitable for smooth integration into rack and vertical cultivation setups.

Box Contents

  • 2 x HLG Propagator 2.0
  • Power cord
  • Hanging clips

Technical Specifications

  • LED: Full Spectrum White
  • Power: 20 Watts
  • AC Voltage Range: 100VAC to 240VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Cloning Footprint: 61 cm x 122 cm
  • Dimensions: 114.7 cm x 3.12 cm x 3.81 cm
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Extensive Coverage: Designed to maximize light efficiency over a large growing area.
  • Easy Installation: Installation is simplified with the daisy-chain function and included hanging clips.
  • Versatility: Ideal for a wide range of indoor cultivation applications, from seedling stage to low-light growth.

Why Choose the HLG Propagator 2.0?

Opting for the HLG Propagator 2.0 means investing in a cutting-edge lighting solution, designed to optimize your plants' growth from the very beginning. Whether you are a hobbyist looking to maximize your plants' potential or a professional in need of a reliable and expandable solution, the HLG Propagator 2.0 is here to meet your needs. With the option to pay in 3 or 4 installments by credit card and free delivery in Europe for orders over €100, it has never been easier to provide your plants with the lighting they deserve.

Order now and experience the HLG difference in your indoor cultivation!