HLG 350 Diablo

HLG-350-DIABLO-LED New product

HLG 350 Diablo - LED Horticultural Lamp Expand

The HLG 350 Diablo: A cutting-edge horticulture lamp engineered to replace 600W HID systems with just 330W. It offers a full spectrum with deep red LEDs, 2.80 PPF/W efficiency, and adjustable power. Designed for efficient and cool plant growth.

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HLG 350 Diablo Commercial Lamp

  • The HLG 350 Diablo commercial lamp is an innovative lighting solution designed to meet the requirements of modern indoor horticulture. This lamp is engineered to replace traditional 600-watt HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lighting systems while consuming just 330 Watts, offering exceptional efficiency and performance.
  • Each HLG 350 Diablo lamp utilizes 2 of our custom-designed Advanced Design Diablo Quantum Boards® equipped with Samsung Full Spectrum White & Deep Red LEDs. These boards are designed to provide a full spectrum of white light combined with deep red LEDs at 660 nm, ensuring an optimal light spectrum for plant growth.
  • The HLG 350 Diablo features a 90cm wide design for even light coverage. Powered by high-efficiency Diablo™ Quantum Boards®, it boasts an impressive 2.80 PPF/W (Photosynthetic Photon Flux per Watt) efficiency rating. With over 950 PPF high output, it can effectively replace even 600W HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) lamps.
  • This full spectrum horticulture lamp is not only incredibly efficient but also designed for reliable passive cooling. It enhances canopy light penetration with diffused light, promoting healthier plant growth. The lamp offers dimming capability from 0 to 330 Watts, and it includes an auto-sensing Inventronics power supply that works with 120VAC, 240VAC, and 277VAC power sources.

Key Features:

  • 90cm wide design for uniform light coverage.
  • Powered by high-efficiency Diablo™ Quantum Boards® with a 2.80 PPF/W efficiency.
  • Over 950 PPF high output, capable of replacing 600W HPS lamps.
  • Full spectrum white light and 660nm red light.
  • Reliable passive-cooled design.
  • Improved canopy light penetration with diffused light.
  • Dimming capability from 0 to 330 Watts.
  • Auto-sensing Inventronics power supply compatible with 120VAC, 240VAC, and 277VAC.
  • 5-Year Warranty.
  • Note: For the GrowFlux wireless dimming option, please note that a separate Access Point (sold separately) is required.


  • Power: Adjustable from 0 to 330 Watts
  • Voltage Range: 120-277 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • LED: Full Spectrum White & Deep Red
  • Flowering Footprint:  91 cm x 152 cm at 38 cm
  • Veg Footprint: 152 cm x 152 cm up to 61 cm
  • System PPF Efficacy: 2.80 μmol/joule
  • Total Output: 950+ PPF
  • Dimensions: 89 cm x 24 cm x 8 cm
  • Product Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Recommended Mounting Height: Approximately 38 cm - 61 cm above the canopy
  • Certifications: UL 8800, CSA, DLC